Course Details

C.N.C. Technology 1 – ( Course Code: T 4 )
Type Part Time
Duration 50 Hours

Passed year 09 and successfully completed T2 & T3 or working in the relevant trade.


Students can obtain a proper knowledge on CNC Milling and the preparation of it's programmes.


To provide basic knowledge on CNC technology and Tool Machinery Trade. Successful completion of this course will serve as the entry qualification for advance courses of CNC Technology

  • Axis Operations & accuracy of CNC Milling Machine
  • Programming Exercises in Geometry & Coordinate System of Milling
  • Programming Exercises with Tools & operating steps of a CNC Milling Machine
  • Programming Exercises with Cycle
  • Programming Exercises with Countour Calculation
  • Programming Exercises with Subroutine Techniques
Fee Rs. 24,000