Course Details

Diesel Mechanic
Type Full Time
Duration 3 Years
  • Age: Between 16 & 22 years
  • Education: Passed in 06 subjects at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination including Sinhala/Tamil language (Medium of Instruction) and Mathematics in one sitting.

Can be acquired a sound knowledge about the principles of Automobile and their functions including the proper workshop safety and also specializing Diesel Injector pumps and Injector Servicing.


To build a technician with skills, knowledge and safety practices to suite the local and international requirements.

  • Knowledge of identification
  • Function and working principles of automobile components
First 6 Months
  • Engine dismantling and overhauling
  • Inspection
  • Cam bush fitting
  • Crankshaft and bearing fitting
  • Oil cooler and oil pump fitting
  • Cylinder head fitting
  • Water pump and oil filter fitting
  • Assembling the crankshaft and the piston
  • Fitting sub units and completing the engine
  • Test the engine with the dynamo meter
Second 6 Months
  • In-plant training in outside
First 6 Months
  • Dismantling all kind of fuel injection pump and injectors
  • Inspection parts
  • Assembling
  • Testing in the test bench
  • Injector service
Second 6 Months

Revision and Final Evaluation

Theory: Theoretical lessons on workshop science, workshop calculation & technical drawing are conducted one day per week during the course. In addition English language classes are conducted for trainees.

Fee Free